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Momondo (stylised momondo) is a travel fare aggregator and travel fare metasearch engine. Momondo also operates a travel information blog, Inspiration. The website is a white-label of the subsidiary of Booking Holdings.

VinodV posted a review about Momondo on ResellerRatings on October 2019:

"Never use Momondo for your booking! They can forward your search to any third-party booking sites like BudgetAir.CA and get poor end-user support and higher price. On my recent booking, the cost went up over 300 CAD from the invoice amount due to Budget Air used USD for the conversion. There was no indication of the exchange rate or using the non-Canadian site for booking during the payment; you won't come to know until you see the bank statement! I heard similar stories from several frustrated friends! I contacted BudgetAir.CA, but their customer care executives were rude and offered no support and challenged me to cancel the booking with a fee of $70 per person. Think twice before you book next time with frauds like Momondo!"


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Former Employee - Product says

"Kayak management in America do not care about employees in Copenhagen, and are killing momondo off. You are just overhead to them. No room for real career advancement, and promotions are based off friendships. All talent is gone and incompetent and lazy middle managers in Copenhagen are only intersted in securing cushioned roles for themselves. Momondo may have been great once, but it is slowly and deliberately being picked apart by kayak."

Former Employee - Marketing says

"Momondo had a really great culture, but after KAYAK acquisition everything went down to rubbish. No one really cares about your job and your success: management makes zero efforts to keep great talents, showing that anybody could be easily replaced with interns. Besides really low pay (much lower than average in Denmark), there is no room for personal development or growth - to implement any idea you would require tons of approvals. With KAYAK coming they started firing people every year and still playing fake game about "one team" spirit. It's not the worth place on Earth to work, but you won't achieve anything at momondo."

Former Employee - Student Assistant says

"After the acquisition by Kayak, things started to change; the company's culture has changed intrinsically and cuts started to be made and less ownership was assigned to everyone; it was really difficult to find the right people to help you and there were decisions made by the management, without letting the people 'below' know about them beforehand; in the end, we had to put out fires, rather than prevent them"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is very Danish. Although they would claim they were open minded, they aren't. They pay lower salaries to people who come from other counties. You could hear comments from the C-level like: But they don't know the salary level in Denmark! They are just not fair. There is a gap between the salaries of Danes and others. Some colleagues of mine were told that they wouldn't have gotten that salary in their home countries when they had asked for a raise. I didn't find the management transparent or trustworthy. Most C level guys are too old for the school. They are not a great fit for managing such company. Some C level people brought their friends and relatives to the company, so lots of incapable people had some critical roles. Things go slow, no deadlines are met. When you tell you are not challenged enough, they compare you with your peers. Your manager end up telling things to you which is not supposed to be known by you. In general I found the company moved from ok to horrible over years. Great people left the company, and it was definitely not it used to be. Most leads were not great people managers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything is slow, hierarchic, non-transparent. Decisions are changed every month, goals are changed every month. The culture is unknown to momondo since there is clearly a control from Kayak over it, changes are not transparent. They said not much would change but instead of being forward they were slowly incubating kayak culture and processes. Is alright people are there to work but this treatment did hit emotionally on most people jobs (most departments) which at somepoint no one understood which was their job of how would it change. Lots of people left by their own desire since management is not really clear on how to proceed in any aspect. Kayak is happy i guess. just turned into a plain boring job, where mostly they tell you what to do and most of what they tell you will change for the next month."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Too much office politics Dishonest managers"

Former Employee - Software Engineer (Ios Developer) says

"Not a flat structure - changes had to go through several people."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You will probably stay where you were in terms of skills and position Lack of leadership and vision No clear goal or dream for the next ambitious achievement"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"However, with being biggest company comes also its problems. Long process. People used to have a bigger say in their jobs, now everything is decided and pushed down. Not a lot of involvement - only for management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The KAYAK acquisition changed the dynamic such that everything is now revenue-focused with an overly structured hierarchy, meaning decisions are made at a higher level and generally in other KAYAK offices."

svetoslav ganchev says

"Wish I can give zero stars. The site is blocked by commercial texts and all you can imagine. The last, only the thing you can search is a flight. Before 3 years i was so happy with Momondo.. Right now is just lost of time."

Eivind Krågebakk says

"I bought a ticket at their webpage and was redirected to tripmonster. After i payed, I never recived my ticket, the money was withdrawn from account. The "company" they redirected me to, does not have any contact information on their page. A scam, NEVER use momondo"

Maliky Tembely says

"I booked my flight through them and the company they booked my flight with has made a change on my ticket without telling me. They forced you to pick up another day that it’s not convenient for your trip. No customer service number not nothing. Waste of money. Don’t buy the ticket from them if I can give them half star I will. Not good"

Chel R says

"Now seems to require you to subscribe to see their price predictions. Pathetic."

Michael Erbacher says

"Tried booking through Momondo a while ago. After placing the booking I received an email from the company saying that there was an issue and that I would need to email them my credit card details. Suffice to say that I immediately cancelled my booking as any company that requests credit card details via email is inherently untrustworthy. The fact that Momondo includes such companies in their search engine shows that they are not doing enough to protect their users. There are simply far safer options available."

Bjarni Richardt-Mortensen says

"Don´t buy from Momondo. Buy in good time directly from the airline. That way you are guaranteed to be taken care of. Just look at the mess everyone is in right now, buying tickets from shady agents (I got mine from, a total scam artist), that only exist, because they have engines like momondo. I also have gotten a ticket through two different airlines, so that when the first was delayed, and I missed the second, neither of them had any responsibility to help me. They didn´t, of course not, but they still did. But this is what happens when you go through momondo. Cheap, yeah sure enough, but the slightest problem, and you are one your own"

Risko says

"Here comes a very very bad rate! I have used Momondo for all my bookings every time I travel, but this was the last time now. You guys made me book my tickets through and I got scammed and you refuse to assist me. Until you remove all collaboration with Kiwi I will not use this website again. Thanks."

Mehrdad Chavoshi says

"On month ago bought a ticket form momendo but due to coronavirus my ticket is cancelled. Agent is GOTOGATE but nobody answers or responsible to pay back my ticket still no any valid tel no... or when you call someone in India answer. pls be careful."

Glei says

"Momondo used to be my favorite site to search and book international air tickets. But not anymore. I put trust into the website but recently it directed me to scam ticket booking websites. As you can see from the their replies to many previous posts on this page, Momondo said they had no responsibility... DO NOT trust Momondo. Book your tickets somewhere else."

Khalid K says

"Don’t use MOMONDO They advertise fake non reliable website like Vayama that really doesn’t exist or may be has some BS remote office in San Jose. Momondo will not take responsibility for these websites that they try to sell tickets. When Vayama messed me up and cancelled my ticket in last minute I called Momondo. They told me I should deal directly with Vayama which has no freaking 1800 customer service or any live person available. Stay away from these sites pay little extra and use Expedia."

Jeff says

"Too many relationships with scam travel agents. This company should be avoided. No integrity at all."

Jasper says

"All the tickets shown are fake. When you book them they are never available. It used to be good, now it is just a SCAM."

SDK says

"So I saw these tickets for 1.903 DDK and was filling my order/credit card information. And when I was all done and paid for it. I was sent back to the momondo home with no information about that order. I thought the order did not go through. But 2min later I got an email comfirming my order but the price I paid was 3171,75 DDK. Well played Momondo, well played! Never using momondo again! SCAM..."

Dr. Finn Majlergaard says

"Momondo used to be good but now it really sucks. It has become so slow and you are spammed with ads and you can't rely on the prices. They even say in their own disclaimer that they prioritise the airlines that pay them. Fair statement, but then Momondo is useless to me. Search directly on amadeus and then go to the individual airlines and check prices. They probably have an agreement with trustpilot too that they can remove bad reviews. That is how trustpilot works. Untrustworthy too"

Mark says

"As soon as I clicked "Confirm", I was informed that my Kiwi flight purchase was completed and non-refundable, and $55 more than it said on the screen when I clicked "Confirm". If the price is going to go up (probably due to the search engine hitting the airline site so many times), I would have expected an opportunity to cancel the purchase instead of being told a new price AFTER my credit card was already charged for the higher price!"

Nier says

"There is no screening of the booking companies used or airlines, not even customer reviews. If you use momondo you might end up booking through a scam company. It's not a very safe solution, there has to be something better. Simply linking in with Trustpilot or TripAdvisor would be an easy solution that would increase safety, instead they make it easy for bad companies to get customer. In my book that makes momondo a pretty bad company too."

Nancy Stern says

"Seems like a bait and switch, when you do a search it will say that the flight price is available on 6 sites and then you find out that the price is not available on any of the sites. All the prices were 2x what came up on the search."

Sara Zhozho says

"I want to give feedback about Tripmonster. Please don’t sell their flights online through momondo, because they are horrible to deal with! Just sell directly flights from Qantas instead. They have by mistake charged us twice! And booked wrong destination!!!"

gitanjali banik says

"Absolute fraud they charged me 1000 inr extra for paying online by debit card. Never choose them absolute cheating. They don't pick up their customer care number and no one replies to your email."

Miranda Kokhreidze says

"I booked through momondo . I used Crystal travel agency. My flight was over Iran and Iraq January 8-9 after few hours Ukrainian airplane was crushed by Iran. I am an american citizen and I was very scared to take a risk. Crystal travel took my $538 and never offer any help. They blame me not to take a flight, customer service rep. Khamal told me to get over it and understand that I lost my money . Momondo send me email after I complain, that there is nothing they can do."

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